Image of a young girl posing for a photo with her hand on her hip Photo Credit: Arianna


“I like math, no matter how difficult it is. I enjoy solving problems.”

Arianna is a confident and charismatic fifteen year old. She credits Confederación Nacional de Mujeres del Campo (CONAMUCA), a local organization that provides empowerment workshops and leadership training to girls, for much of this.

“CONAMUCA has increased my knowledge and changed the way I look at things.”

This includes challenging cultural norms and beliefs about child marriage that have kept far too many girls back and trapped in a cycle of poverty. In the Dominican Republic, 36% of girls are married before the age of 18.

“When my friends think that marrying an older man is the only option, I say that there is no single option in life. We need to keep working until we find a solution. Marrying young limits your freedom, education and personal growth.”

Arianna is worried about the impact that COVID-19 will have on girls’ rights and futures. She continues to encourage her friends to join CONAMUCA, so they can learn more about the choices they have and the opportunities that exist.

“I do not give up easily. I will continue to strive to make this world a better one, where everyone can live in freedom with equal rights.”

100% of the funds we raise are invested in underfunded local efforts in communities around the world that advance girls’ rights.