Image of eight children standing in a row holding hands Photo Credit: Esther Ruth Mbabazi


Jessica is only 12 years old.

Despite her young age, Jessica and her friends already know girls their age who were forced out of school and into marriages with much older men. Men in their 60s and 70s.

Jessica knows how important it is to stay in school. She is determined to do so. But she needs help. She participates in an after school program run by Raising Teenagers Uganda. It has become a shelter – a place that is helping her grow her confidence while making sure she doesn’t grow up too quickly.

VOW supports organizations like Raising Teenagers Uganda – many led by young-women – to help provide safe spaces for girls like Jessica to interact with other girls and learn about their rights and the resources available to them. These organizations are able to identify girls at risk of sexual abuse and child marriage and intervene. They engage with parents, families, police, community elders and religious leaders to challenge the harmful social norms that perpetuate child marriage. And most importantly, they work with the community to hold decision makers accountable.

Jessica dreams of walking down the aisle one day…to receive her medical diploma! Let’s vow to help Jessica realize her dreams, on her terms, in her time.

100% of the funds we raise are invested in underfunded local efforts in communities around the world that advance girls’ rights.